Parish Information

Listed alphabetically below are the active parishes in our deanery.  An introduction of the parish and a brief history are listed here.  Click on the Parish name to go to that Parish's page to see it's current information.

BALCARRES:  St. John the Baptist

Balcarres:  St. John the Baptist Parish

St. John the Baptist church was built in 1917.  The original church had the bell on top, but it was since moved to the ground and sits in front of the church.   In 1962, the interior of the church was renovated, and a former schoolhouse was added to provide a hall and living quarters for priests.  Today, St. John's is an associate parish of Fort Qu'Appelle.

Cupar:  St. Patrick Parish

When the church was built in 1910, many parishioners were of Irish descent, so the church was dedicated to St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland.  A new church and rectory were built in the 1950s.  Today, St. Patrick's is an associate parish of Southey.

CUPAR:  St. Patrick
DYSART:  St. John the Baptist

Dysart:  St. John the Baptist

St. John the Baptist became a parish in 1920.  The present church building was built in 1967.  Our parish's history and remembrance of those who have gone ahead is reflected in the bell and cairn that are displayed on the lawn of the church.   Today, our parish is an associate parish of Southey.

Fort Qu'Appelle:  Our Lady of Sorrows Parish

Our Lady of Sorrows, an example of compassionate service to all God's children, is the patron of our church.  We endeavor to celebrate liturgies in full and active participation, and we strive to provide hospitality and an atmosphere of caring.   In 1990, the former church building was moved to Camp Monahan and the present multifunctional, handicapped-accessible church structure was built and officially opened at the end of the year.  

FORT QU'APPELLE:  Our Lady Of Sorrows
GOVAN:  Our Lady of Lourdes

Govan:  Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

 The first Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes was celebrated on December 8, 1910 in this church that still stands today, though it underwent a significant interior remodeling following Vatican II.  In that time, more than thirty-six priests have served the parish.  Since 1984, Our Lady of Lourdes has been an associate parish of Raymore.

Grenfell:  St. Columbkille Parish

In 1903, our first church was building on property donated by the CPR.  The founding fathers, who were predominantly Irish, chose to name the church after one of three patron saints of Ireland, St. Columbkille.  The present church building was constructed in the late 1970s and the first mass was celebrated in 1977.  Today, St. Columbkille is an associate parish of Indian Head.

GRENFELL:  St. Columbkille
Indian Head-church-pic

Indian Head:  St. Joseph Parish

St. Joseph Church is located in the beautiful community of Indian Head, Saskatchewan.  Our first church was built in 1903, followed by the existing brick church, which was built in 1960.  The rectory is next door to the church and is home to our parish priest who also ministers to the communities of Grenfell, Wolseley, Carry the Kettle and Qu’Appelle.  St. Joseph’s parishioners are dedicated, vibrant, welcoming individuals, many of whom work hard to keep an active Parish Pastoral Council, Catholic Women’s League and Knights of Columbus.


Lebret:  Sacred Heart Parish

In 185 the Oblates of Mary Immaculate founded a mission on the shores of Mission Lake in the Qu'Appelle Valley.  The existing cathedral-like church, nestled in the midst of God's wondrous creation, was dedicated in 1925.  In 2015, Sacred Heart Parish celebrated their 150th Anniversary.  The legacy of the celebration is a beautiful Anniversary banner, depicting the previous churches on the site, the hilltop chapel - built as a monument of thanksgiving to those who died in the 1st World War - and the present fieldstone church.  Sacred Heart is presently an associate parish of Fort Qu'Appelle.

LESTOCK:  Mary, Queen of Hearts

Lestock:  Mary Queen of Hearts

Mary Queen of Hearts parish built its first church in 1924.  In recent years, the parish has "teamed up" with area First Nations in serving as the spiritual centre for all people in the area, including sacramental preparation, funerals, fundraisers and Eucharistic celebrations and a variety of other gatherings.  The parish is an associate parish of Raymore.

Nokomis:  St. Patrick Parish

St. Patrick parish is currently an associate parish of Raymore.

NOKOMIS:  St. Patrick
Immaculate Conception

Qu'Appelle:  Immaculate Conception Parish

One of the oldest parishes in the Diocese, Immaculate Conception parish was originally a mission served from Fort Qu'Appelle as early as 1884 or 1845.  The parish was officially formed in 1906 and continues to celebrate Masses on a weekly basis.  Immaculate Conception is currently an associate parish of Indian Head.

Quinton:  Immaculate Conception

For a rural Catholic community, we are very active and involved, with many people contributing to our Sunday celebrations.  All of us share in the spiritual and ecumenical growth of spreading the Good News.  Immaculate Conception parish proudly houses two life-sized Berthold Imhoff paintings, gifted to the parish in 1920 as payment for funeral and burial of Berthold's son, Hubert.  Our parish is currently an associate parish of Raymore.

QUINTON:  Immaculate Conception
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Quinton - rural:  St. Mary's (Hungarian)

St. Mary's Hungarian rural parish, located 15 miles south of Quinton is an associate parish of Raymore.  The parish was established by the early settlers from Hungary in approximately 1907.  Since then, three different church buildings have been the home of St. Mary's.  We are one of only a few rural parishes in Saskatchewan that is still very active - with regular celebration of Masses.  St. Mary's is an associate parish of Raymore.

Raymore:  Sacred Heart Parish

Sacred Heart continues to strive to meet the needs of our Christian family.  In the past several years, we have undertaken several buildings projects, including reshingling and a lift for accessibility into the parish.  After 20 years of silence, bells are again chiming at Sacred Heart Parish.


RAYMORE:  Sacred Heart
SOUTHEY:  St. James

Southey:  St. James Parish

As disciples of Christ, our parish aspires to be a spirit-filled community.  We welcome all people to develop and deepen their personal relationship with God to create a meaningful faith journey.  Our mission is to support each other through love, service and witness of Christ to grow as a Christian community that reaches out to, invites, and embraces all.

Strasbourg:  St. Rita Parish

Though traditionally a small parish, St. Rita's parishioners have always pulled together like a close-knit family.  Through the years, our number of parishioners has grown, swelling in the summer with visitors from the nearby resort communities.  We are thrilled to have recently expanded our capacity through acquisition of an entirely different church building.   St. Rita is currently an associate parish of Southey.

WOLSELEY:  Ste. Anne

Wolseley:  Ste. Anne Parish

Ste. Anne's parish was established in 1994 when some of the early settlers and founders of the settlement made their way from the province of Quebec, by train.  The first church was made of wood and served the parish needs until 1900.  In that year, the present brick church was build and became the first Roman Catholic church in the province to be built with brick.  Ste. Anne's is currently an associate parish of Indian Head.